Five Cocktails Every Lady Needs At Their Hens Night

Hens Nights are always a fantastic evening, a perfect combination of ladies night fun, fantastic topless waiters / male entertainment and last but not least, gorgeous cocktails!


Choosing what cocktails to have on show at your next hens night in Melbourne can be a troubling occasion, however it is often made simpler when booking through a cocktail hire company, such as John Parker Events – I have compiled this list as a brief outline of five of our most popular cocktails for hens nights in Melbourne.


Top Cocktails For Hens Nights


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1. Cosmopolitan

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Topless Waiter Adam

What hens night in Melbourne would be complete without the most famous ladies cocktail of them all, the Cosmopolitan! The cosmopolitan is the perfect cocktail for every hens night, it is a smooth blend of sweet triple sec, citrus tastes from a squeeze of lime, cranberry and of course -Vodka! The beauty of this cocktail is that if done right, you can barely taste the vodka in the drink (and trust me there is a lot). The cosmo is also the sexiest of all cocktails, boasting a beautiful light pink colour. Our topless waiters in Melbourne are all cosmopolitan experts and guarantee you will be coming back for more!

2.  Mojitos

Our Melbourne topless waiters don’t stop at just cosmopolitan’s, they also make a kick-ass Mojito! Mojitos are the ultimate alcohol cover-up, essentially you are receiving two very strong shots of white/silver rum but completely masked by the lovely tastes of mint and lime.

Mojito Cocktail

Melbourne Mojito And Sunset

You start by muddling your lime, mint and simple syrup together lightly to release the lime juices- and then mix that in with freshly crushed ice! Top up your ice with two shots of bacardi and then stir, add extra ice and then top with soda water and a garnish of mint! This drink is refreshing drink to break up the sweetness of your strawberry daiquiris – and that brings me to number three!

3. Strawberry Daiquiris

Everybody loves daiquiris, but do you know what everybody loves just as much? Strawberries!

Strawberry Daiquiris are a big time crowd favourite, they are sweet, delicious and packed full of vodka. With two shots in each daiquiri and barely anything else other than strawberries and some triple sec, these sure do pack a punch! Our Strawberry Daiquiris are the best cocktails Melbourne wide! Get in touch with us Strawberry Cocktailstoday to secure a topless waiter to make you up this delicious drink for your hens night.


4.   Espresso Martini’s

It’s 2017 – Coffee is booming and everybody is a coffee addict, so why not mix it with your second favourite drink.. Vodka!

A divine blend of a sweet coffee liqueur, fresh espresso, and two shots of vodka gives your girls the energy to keep buzzing all night long – and with two topless waiters serving you know this will be true. A good cocktail  hens night company would always keep espresso martini’s in their hens night arsenal, if your martini tastes watery they have probably watered down the espresso they brought, so keep that in mind! To book one of our sensational hens night packages, with topless waiters and stunning cocktails – click here.

5. Margarita

Rimmed with salt a margarita is the perfect way to cut through the sweetness of your other cocktails. An even blend of citrus, triple sec and tequila with a hint of salt from the rim, will certainly give you a rush! If you like tequila (and don’t have the courage to just sip on it straight) then this cocktail is definitely for you. Not to mention it’s one of the classiest and sexiest cocktails out there!   




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