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The Ultimate Hens Night Ideas & Organization Guide

Hens Night Ideas – Hens Night Melbourne

So you’ve been given the daunting title of “maid of honour” – in my eyes this title is more along the lines of “maid of organising everything including being solely responsible for the success or failure of my best friends hens night!” but who cares about titles! It is your duty to ensure this night is one your guests and more importantly, your hen, will always remember (or forget completely).

Hen’s nights might seem like an awful lot of work – and they are – but there are many things you lovely ladies can do to make life easier such as organising and hiring Topless Waiters, Male Strippers, Cocktail Parties,  

“I have organised hundreds of hens nights within Melbourne – starting as a topless waiter myself and working up to the manager/owner of my own hens night company, so I have seen all sides of the Hens Night process.”


Below is a accumulation of hens night information that I think will benefit you, from conception to delivery!

This isn’t going to be like other articles that puff out basic things, like “save the date” as a key pointer on a hens night (duh?), i’ll be leaving out the common sense stuff and going straight for the nitty gritty of the hens! Located In Victoria this guide will draw from my experience of Hens Nights in Melbourne, however I will make it very broad and include hens night ideas for people from all around the world. Happy Reading!






Table Of Contents

1. Preliminary Questions & Introduction

2. Hens Night Ideas & Options


Preliminary Easy Stuff;

  • Figure out who’s doing the guest list – you or the hen
  • Get a feel for what the hen wants – if you know her well (I would hope you do?) you might not even need to ask her (surprises are better)
  • Determine a location you want your hens to be (I’m talking geographical here not specific)

Those things should be easy to do, once you have a rough idea of what country you want to have your hens night in and generally what you will be doing – you can continue down the guide!

What Do You Want Out Of Your Hens? Hens Night Ideas!

This may well be the hardest section of the entire planning process – what is it that you actually want to do? Now this isn’t an scary option because there isn’t enough to go off, it’s actually the simple netflix problem – there is too much to choose from. I would start by asking yourself the question of guests – because in the end you have to find that right balance between what the hen would like and what the guests would be in to.



Ask yourself the following validating questions before brainstorming hens night ideas!
  • How much age variety is there at this hens, will any oldies be attending who will be less inclined to participate in a raunchy hens? Or the opposite, nervous youngsters who wouldn’t know how to relate?
  • Will your attending guests be of a conservative nature – i.e will they be for or against having topless men / topless waiters walking around handing them drinks? What about a male strip show?
  • Are your guests big drinkers? Would they be satisfied with only a couple of cocktails, or do you want to go all out guns blazing? (I know I would!)
  • How much do your guests make in a year? Would they be happy to put in $80 each for an awesome hens night? What about $100, $150?
  • Are your guests the adventurous type? Would they want to do a fun activity – or keep it a bit more classy, such as a cocktail package?
  • How many people will be attending? This one is crucial, is it 8-9 people? 20? 40?



These are some great screening questions to ask your hen also, you probably won’t know everyone who the hen has invited personally so it’s important to gather this information before making any decisions.

Everybody is different, your hens may be the perfect bunch of ladies who all get along famously and who are all big party girls who love going out! In which case congratulations, your hens night will pretty much run itself! But majority of the time there is a big split within hens nights in terms of age/nature/family (especially as the numbers creep higher).


My solution to this is never be afraid to have a hens DAY, this could be something as simple as a daytime wine tour through your local area (mine would be the yarra valley), enjoying some casual drinks with all the ladies involved (including the prudes/oldies/unwanted family members/mother in law) and then dispersing after the event and heading to your hens NIGHT – where you can get as wild and crazy as you see fit, without feeling like you left out the other guests.



Trust me, the oldies are going to thank you that they can get an early night anyway. High Tea’s are also a quality option, as well as day spas/manicures/massages and day cruises! Contacting the people you are unsure about and brainstorming a few hens night ideas is also an option!

“If this divide of night/day is too big of an issue, you can also do the following – organize a topless waiter cocktail package to the venue/location of your choice, have it kick off at around 6pm and run for four hours of unlimited cocktails/drinks. You’ll have yourself a fantastic four hours of topless waiter entertainment, laughs and cocktails”



The event can wrap up after four hours at around 10pm, which gives the oldies plenty of time to go home to an early night whilst still feeling like they are part of the hens night itself and gives you the time to head out into the town! You can check out our unlimited cocktail packages here.





Who’s going to be making the decisions? One voice is easier than many.

Too many cooks will spoil the broth. This is very true for hens nights, I would argue the number one problem hens nights have is too many bridesmaids all contributing to the hens. Now don’t get me wrong here, asking for advice from the bridesmaids is always a good idea, but it should be made clear that one person (you) are organising the hens night itself (or at least having the final say on what to actually do).



When I’m communicating with a maid of honour or the chosen bridesmaid and I am discussing package options, it always become a huge headache when the information has to get passed around to 5 different people to grant approval. Often this back and forward motion takes up valuable time and effort for both the maid of honour the bridesmaids & the business involved.


What I would suggest is this, nominate a specific person to handle all decision making processes, but have people to assist you with decisions. That way when push comes to shove and people are being indecisive about what they want (always happens), you get the final say – because let’s be honest, who would know what the hen wants more than you?! You can’t always please everybody!



Budget – Rough Price Estimates

Another big hens night issue is budgeting for the night, it’s a sensitive topic and while you or your hens closest friends might be prepared to pull out $400 for this night – others may be less inclined to spend more than $50. Overall you should always be splitting the costs up evenly across the ladies, unless you have some other quid pro quo arrangement!


When considering budget I would always take into consideration the costs associated with the wedding itself, how much will the ladies be paying towards organising dresses – transport – make up and all the other costs associated with the wedding itself? If these costs are already high i,e international or interstate travel, hotel bookings etc then consider that when booking your $400 day spa massage treatment.


Ideal spend for ladies on the services themselves would be between $70-100pp, normally this can cover all your alcohol, food costs, male entertainment costs and sometimes even accommodation costs. Hens Nights in Melbourne are typically fairly pricey when all costs are added up. However, We have some fantastic Hens Night packages in Melbourne that cover all these things at affordable prices which makes hens organisation fun and easy. Prices listed here!



Trustworthy Organisations for Hens Night Packages / Hens Night Services

Most hens night services will be happy to accept a small deposit fee to secure your date, for instance when I am speaking with a client we simply require a $200 refundable deposit fee to secure your booking and ensure no other ladies can book out that date. This gives you time to organise funds with the ladies and pick up cash/payments from everybody that owes you before the event begins, whilst still knowing your date is secured.  



If organizing a deposit payment with any hens night / party planners always ensure they are providing a copy of their terms and conditions, read them carefully and examine whether or not your upfront payments are refundable. Particularly read the different refund protocols for the service you have selected, if you have just booked a topless waiter then your refund policy may be different to that of a male stripper or a hens night package.



I would also look into their reputation, are they known for hosting hens nights primarily? Or are they more of a general party caterer? If it’s the latter I would definitely ask to see photos of the boys they will be providing, if they seem like they are avoiding showcasing their topless waiters it may be because they are outsourcing these for you – and hence charging higher rates.


I would also check to ensure the company is active on Instagram – and examine their reviews on Facebook, you want to avoid any companies that have reviews discussion poor refund policies or topless waiters that didn’t get the job done, if choosing to proceed with this company, take down the names of the waiters who didn’t do a good job in the review section and ensure you don’t get them! John Parker Events has some of the best topless waiters Melbourne wide and can easily be incorporated into any of our hens night packages.



Hens Night Food Options

Ladies, we all know you love your food – however I can tell you from experience that food isn’t as big of a deal as you would expect. I don’t mean to state that having great food isn’t fantastic, i’m just stating that having been to over 100 Hens Nights In Melbourne I can state with certainty that the majority of food goes to waste during drinking events.

What is the reason behind this? Well cocktails of course!

Let’s be honest ladies when you are at a hens night there is nothing more you would want than to be getting intoxicated, as fast as possible – it’s the simple nature of Hens Nights! That means that although there might be a few nibbles around you are definitely not going to want a big buffet or anything too filling.


“Stick with the nibbles ladies, the basics will do just fine and won’t take anything away from your event, a few bowls of chips, finger food (spring rolls, sausage rolls, pies, mini hot dogs), a nice cheese board and a few sweets.”


Now I know for a fact that my words of warning will not go through, and you will want to do extravagant food anyway to make your hens night pretty. I would recommend a big cheese board (always a hit), a candy bar (girls love candy) and some nice pizzas (not dominos).


Honestly I promise you there is no need to go overboard with food, it should be the least priority of your budget when organizing a hens night – If you want to organize food I would suggest having a group dinner at a restaurant before heading to your hens night destination (still keep it light though). If you have a huge budget then by all means hire a private caterer to come in and prepare gourmet canapes, but you will probably be getting all of this during the wedding so it’s just extra hassle.



Accommodation is always a tricky one in hens nights, it’s impossible to organise accommodation for everyone invited out to the night.

Unless it is circumstantial and you are all at a interstate/international location – but the typical hens night usually goes down as follows. The bridesmaids stick together with maybe the absence of a few and then everybody else is on their own. It is perfectly normal to organize accommodation for you and the hen + a select few others and expect everybody to organize their own way, especially when you are heading out to a night on the town.



A fantastic trend that I have seen a lot is the use of Air BnB. This service is a bridesmaids best friend for organising a great hens nights in a private venue close to wherever you desire with included accommodation. Ideally you would be looking for an apartment/townhouse in close proximity to wherever you’re heading out to, which has room to host 20 people or so (4 bedrooms or so) .


This will allow you to have a cocktail hens night event with cheeky topless waiters, unlimited alcohol and perhaps a sneaky male strip show, all within the comfort of your own place. It’s private, it’s cosy and it is a great way to spend an evening (or a great thing to do before heading out on the town). These are often easy to find and you can book them whenever – however obviously if you have a date secured for the hens it’s better look sooner than later so you have the best options.


Hens Night Melbourne Accomodation

Things to note when booking and Air BnB;

  • Do they allow events/parties
  • Do they allow loud music
  • Is there late/after hours access if in a residential/apartment complex
  • What are their clean-up policies (it may get messy)
  • What equipment is supplied that could aid in catering (oven trays, glasses, plates)


I have noticed a trend of Air BnB’s stating “No Events” on a lot of their profiles, what I would say to this is if you have less than 15 people you would be fine for something like this – however anything over 20 people are you would be pushing your luck.


There isn’t always going to be somebody keeping an eye on how many people you have, if you are in a townhouse (not an apartment complex) then honestly you could easily have 20+ people and as long as you clean up properly they would never notice.


Any sort of residential apartment complexes get a bit dangerous though as the next door neighbours on the floor are usually aware the owner uses it for Air-BnB and tend to complain to apartment reception/the owner.


To the right is an example of one of our Air BNB locations used frequently for hosting Hens Nights in Melbourne, we use it most weekends for unlimited cocktail packages and this accommodation can easily be added into our packages for a low price ($200 for four bedrooms). Contact us today if you wish to look into this.



The Four Things Every Lady Needs At Her Hens Night

Topless Waiters

Topless Waiters are the must have of any Hens Night, they are a lot of fun, great to look at, know lots of hens games, will provide fantastic massages and will serve you and your guests drinks all night! Which girl could ever say no to a hot guy handing you a cocktail?

Topless Waiters are very easy to organise, simply do a search locally for “Topless Waiters in Melbourne” for example and choose the top candidates appearing on the ads section of google – when you choose people participating in ads you know their sites are active because they are putting money into marketing – it verifies them somewhat, if you are actually coming from melbourne feel free to look into our John Parker Topless Waiters – we charge $90per hour, $10 less per hour than the industry standard of $100ph/r.



“When booking topless waiters all that is required is a time, location and general idea of what kind of event you are organizing. They can pretty much cater to any event style, formal high tea with a cheeky twist, or a straight up raunchy hens cocktail party.”


When booking Topless Waiters, ensure the website you are booking through is up to date and looks fresh and appealing. The standard in which a business keeps their content/website is normally a good indicator of the standard of Topless Waiter they will be supplying you.

I get resumes from gentlemen every day wishing to become Topless Waiters and only a rare one or two will ever pass our standards and our interviews (or even get replies), however I will then check our competitors and see the same gentlemen’s photo who had a terrible personality sitting in their list of waiters. Be careful!

For a list of John Parker’s Topless Waiters Click Here

Things to do with your Topless Waiters:

  • Body Shots
  • Massages
  • Hens Night Games Participation/Judging
  • Drinks/Food Serving
  • Photo Taking / Photo Poses For Bride
  • Stare!



Male Strippers

The ultimate hens night experience – a male stripper to your door! A strip show is pretty common practice in hens nights these days, a right of passage if you would. Unfortunately stripping is a very difficult art to get right, finding the perfect balance of not too arrogant, not too bulky, not too raunchy but just raunchy enough to keep the girls happy is actually very tough!

There are two ways to organise a stripper for your hens night, you can either have one come to you, or you can go to them. Having been in the industry for awhile now I can say that having a stripper come to you is always a better option – male strip clubs are usually dirty and not very pleasant, and often the show itself is brief and not very interacting (apart from the one girl who goes up on stage).


“Having a stripper come to you gives a far more entertaining, engaging and personal touch to the entire experience, in addition to this you can often pick your male stripper out of a variety of different strippers.”



This way you know you are picking someone you think is cute, as opposed to rolling the dice at a public stripping venue. Male Strippers In Melbourne sometimes stick around for awhile after the event to hang out and talk to the ladies if they don’t have any more events on – it’s a great way to grab some more free male entertainment!

To View Our John Parker Male Strippers In Melbourne Click Here

Hens Night Games

One of the most difficult things when organising a hens night is deciding what fun hens night games to play – here is a list of a few I know and the ones I would avoid in my experience. All of these games are best enjoyed with groups of 16+ and are definitely best enjoyed with topless waiters!

Good Games:

Penis Playdough!

         Separate the girls into even groups (2-3) and make them battle it out in an epic sculpting contest of who can sculpt the best penis! Give each girls different prizes, most realistic, most creative and best representative of grooms!  Let the Topless Waiters choose your winner! All you need is a few tubs of playdough, you can give them out at the end of the night to ladies with children/nephews anyway.


Q & A

         Have the groom record himself answering pre-determined questions given to him by the bridal party about their relationship (make them interesting and a bit embarrassing) – then have bride answer the same questions – whenever her answer doesn’t line up with the grooms she has to take a shot! When it does line up, the bride can nominate another to do the shot!

Jelly shots are great for this game, use a topless waiter to do body shots off for extra punishment! Don’t make the questions boring and keep it to 5-6 questions (otherwise the game can drag on), it’s more interesting to ask raunchy questions, which will force the bride to either lie or to guess whether her husband is going to lie!


Toilet Paper Game

This one is a classic, it consists of grouping up into pairs with one decorator and one model!

Essentially you must dress your model into the best toilet paper bridal dress possible! Place a timer on to give a sense of urgency, then perform a catwalk and let the Topless Waiters pick out the winner!

Maybe not the best game to play if someone is very environmentally friendly though… (save the trees!) A fun twist is to see how long the ladies can leave their dresses on for – with a prize for the winner (I’ve seen ladies take this so seriously they wear their toilet paper dresses out!!)

Bad Games:


Malteser in bowl game:

This game involves girls forming teams of two and attempting to pick up a malteser out of a bowl using a straw and drop it off in a bowl – it is not a terrible game but it tends to be actually very hard and quickly grows quite boring. If you’re going to do this make sure you don’t use too many maltesers other wise it will take ages!


Popping Balloons on people in sex positions:

This is one that sounds like it would be a lot of fun in theory, but in practice almost always devolves into stupidity – basically anything that involves popping balloons is actually really hard to execute! Why? Because balloons are actually really hard to pop! You actually have to squeeze extremely hard on the person to pop the balloon and even then it may not pop – people begin using sharp objects or dig in their nails and the whole purpose of the game just gets ruined!


Games in general are a great addition to spice up a hens night, however they are not really essential to make your night a good one. If you see the ladies having a good time just chatting on their own and the party has good vibes then there is no real need to stop everything in order to play a game, however if it is a little dull then that’s a great time to get everyone into a game and a few shots in their bellies!


I wouldn’t go too overboard on the games though, 1-2 games across a 3-4 hour period is more than enough! Many hens I’ve been to don’t even play any games, each to their own.


Cocktails are final icing on the hens night cake! I won’t go too far into cocktails here, I’ll save that for another guide. However, I will leave some pointers in regards to organising cocktail events through cocktail caterers. When booking for a package ensure you find the minimum quantity of people for each package at the per person price advertised.

For instance we charge $79pp for unlimited cocktails and waiters for four hours in one of our packages, this amounts to $1580 minimum at 20 people. If you had 15 people, you would actually be paying $105 each for this service.

Other organizations might charge $79 for seemingly more value, however when you enquire further you realize that you are actually paying a minimum of $2000, so proceed with caution when checking out your options.

I would also proceed with caution in regards to the word “unlimited” when discussing cocktail packages with your spoken provider. Many providers will state the word unlimited but in fact they will provide you with maybe 40-50 cocktails max, always investigate whether or not you can truly help yourself to unlimited cocktails for the full duration of your event and keep an eye out for any soft-caps that may be put on your event.

Our events always provide you with UNLIMITED drinks for the entire duration of the package, however we have the exception that if we think it is appropriate that a girl doesn’t require any more alcohol we will cut her from the bar.

This is basic RSA practice and our liquor license dictates that we must follow these protocols, in saying that we understand it’s a hens night and barely ever have to cut anyone. Other, less reputable companies however may use this law to cut you or your guests off earlier than normal in order to save on alcohol costs (another soft cap), I would always ask for a copy of the company’s terms and conditions before depositing any money.


Wrapping things up


I hope this guide has given you a little bit of insight into the hens night market, whether you have any experience in organizing these events or none at all! Keep an eye out for any more of my guides, I will be launching a comprehensive guide of Cocktails For Hens Nights soon and much more!

If you have any questions or would like to make an inquiry feel free to contact me at info@jparkerevents.com




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