Hens Night Budget And Pricing

Hens Nights Melbourne are traditionally a colossal pain to organise! At John Parker Events we endeavour to make your hens night organisation as seamless and easy as possible by providing some basic pricing options & service offerings!


So today I thought I would write up a quick blog on budgeting and typical pricing for hens night planning in Melbourne.


Typical questions we get are based around who should pay for the hens night itself, we find that the easiest way to answer this is it should be a fair split between all attending ladies if the event is significant.This way all ladies feel like they are contributing equally and no one feels as though they being left out. 


John Parker’s Hens Night Cocktail Packages are all based off per person models, so it makes it easy to identify prices and budget accordingly when planning or organising your hens. We will always endeavour to be transparent with pricing so that these prices can be accurately portrayed to the guests attending your event with nobody being left over with the bill!Topless Waiters


Many ladies seem to question what the industry standard pricing is for male entertainment, this is especially so in first-time hens night organisers. Though I cannot speak for industries outside of Australia, I can speak for the industry within Melbourne. Leading hens night providers will typically charge $80 – $100 per hour for topless waiters, these are the industry standards.


Hens night companies with more topless waiter variety and experience will typically price themselves at the higher level of this spectrum, this is especially true during busy summer seasons where most waiters are in high demand.


Companies who charge lower rates normally offer inexperienced and undesirable waiters which will leave your guests feeling unsatisfied with the service they have been provided. A good topless waiter will be the perfect mixture of charm, intelligence, cheekiness, a great physique and even better cocktails – which is why John Parker prices our waiters at $100 per hour.


If you are attempting to hire out waiters for a non-hens event during the wedding off season topless waiter prices do vary, charity events will typically be given a tailored quote or even provided pro-rata if the cause is favourable. Other events will typically be charged $70-$80 per hour during off season!




Male stripping is another topic I get asked about frequently. A typical male stripper hire will be upwards of $200 and will vary by $20-30 depending on whether you wish the stripper to get fully naked or whether you are satisfied with a G-string performance. Male strip shows and female strip shows vary greatly in both theme & content and are vastly different.


A male G-string show is typically a great addition to any event and contains a professionally choreographed 15 minute performance which can be adjusted to cater to any level of event. Numerous maids of honor often highlight to us that their hen is uncomfortable with a raunchy strip show – however all male dancers compose themselves with complete professionalism when dealing with these kinds of events and they always adjust the level of raunch to cater to any audience! Male dance performances are often the highlight of the night for most events, they are a fun way to have a laugh amongst friends


You will definitely get your money’s worth when booking any male entertainment service through a premium vendor, however I would urge you to edge on the side of caution when hiring through second rate providers or free lancer services like gumtree.

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