Terms And Conditions

Terms and Conditions of the night
1. John Parker Event’s alcohol services are subject to the Responsible Service of Alcohol and Harm Minimization
Practices. We are therefore prohibited by law from serving liquor to excessively & uncontrollably intoxicated
individuals, which is analysed subjectively from the individual’s behaviour, at the discretion of John Parker
employees. 2. External circumstances such as traffic and other uncontrollable influences can affect the arrival
time of our staff and team. If members of our staff are travelling late in regards to the agreed time to start at the
event, they will contact you about the matter. 3. You can add others to the event during the night if they change
their minds by paying the additional price per head based off your current package. Please understand that the
alcohol we provide on the night is the required amount for the individuals who have payed and may lead to a
shortage of alcohol if others are involved. 4. John Parker Event’s reserves the right to deny individuals alcohol
who are abusing unlimited alcohol services in a way which compromise John Parker Events business structure.
5. Alcohol used for unlimited packages is the private property of John Parker Events, usage of this alcohol is
purely at the discretion of John Parker employees. This property does not belong to the guests attending the
event, it is purely rented for their consumption. 6.Upon arrival of the event, if John Parker Events determines
there are additional guests, the client will be charged full rate payable at the time which is $60 per additional
guest. 7. Any broken or lost glassware above not at fault of John Parker Events, the client will be charged at $5
per glass. 8.The client is also liable to pay for any equipment/alcohol that appears broken or has been stolen.
Refund Policy; Our refund policy is undertaken and executed precisely. 14 days from your first transaction, if you
decide in cancelling your booking for any reason, we will provide you with a 50% refund on the total amount you
have deposited. After 14 days of your first transaction you decide to cancel your event, you will forfeit any amount
payed or contributed in full. If the client has payed the full amount quoted and would like a refund on a particular
number of guests who now CANNOT attend the event and your event is over 7 days away you will receive a full
refund for the cancelled guests, unless your selected package is using a per person model in which case your
total payment for the cancelled guests cannot dip below the minimum event price for selected model, however if
this cancelation occurs during the 7 days leading to the event, no refund will be provided.
Payment Policy; All events require a lock in deposit fee based off a predetermined percentage of your event inorder
to secure your date and your event. This should be done prior to booking any event and no event without a
deposit fee will be considered locked. We cannot stress enough how important this fee is to securing your
date/times of your event. This fee is inclusive of your total invoice quote and will be put towards paying off your
total bill. By depositing this fee you are hereby agreeing to the terms and conditions.
Payment plans will be determined by your package/event manager and will commonly be based around a mixture
of cash pickup and bank deposits.